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  • Cristina Matthews
    commented 2018-04-04 14:22:05 +0800

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    Best Regards

  • Noor Ballan
    commented 2017-12-07 16:46:37 +0800
    Hello there !

    I saw the post on your page here: and started reading more online about internet censorship.

    I bumped into this infographic that was published less than a week ago. It shows how different countries are increasing their censorship and that there’s a pattern, or a slippery slope, that other countries are following. I thought I should share it with you, as it fits into your page:

    Isn’t this horrible how it all develops? We see little snippets every day of countries blocking torrents or censoring social media, and we think it’s no big deal, but it actually all adds up.

    Hope you find it as interesting as I did,

  • Yushi Sakurai
    commented 2017-11-09 19:34:49 +0800
    Dear Dakila,

    Please let me introduce ourselves. My name is Yushi Sakurai, a current undergraduate student at Chuo University in Tokyo Japan. I have emailed today to ask if we may ask of your cooperation for interviews during the period of November 15-21.

    Under the supervision of Prof. Dai Nomiya, myself and a group of fellow students are currently doing research on LGBT individuals and how they come out the closet . We are hoping to do a comparative study between Japan and the Philippines on this topic. Through this research we hope to contribute to a better understanding of the issues among LGBT individuals.

    To go through with this topic we are planning to go to research to Philippine from November 15-21. May we ask for your time to interview any LGBT individuals within your group, for about 20-30minutes, during this period? We have time to do interviews on mainly the 18th and 19th but adjust can be done upon your schedule. If you may have no time, we would be also be grateful if we could know of any other groups who are connected with LGBT communities or LGBT individuals that may be able to cooperate with our research.

    Thank you for your time and consideration. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

    We hope to hear from you soon.


    Yushi Sakurai

    Chuo University
  • chris woodgate
    commented 2017-10-30 09:14:01 +0800
    Mr. Canning’s have selected DAKILA to receive a private donation from his family’s ongoing end of the year support project, i would like to know if you are the founder or you are the coordinator of this organisation, if interested, reply to for more information .

    Chris Woodgate


  • Karenne Mae Dumaguing
    commented 2017-09-04 15:47:32 +0800
    Hi! I am working at DOH Treatment and Rehabilitation Center at Bicutan, Taguig as a Social Worker. We cater recovering drug dependents. We are hoping to have an event with you, an art therapy for the patients. Our agency has allotted budget for such activities. If possible, you can visit us at our Center or just contact me to make this happen. :)
  • Nickole Barcelon
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  • Jalex Seva
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  • Glenford Arias
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  • Marx Lennin Halili
    commented 2017-03-10 18:31:45 +0800
    Magandang gabi po. Paano po ito? Nagregister na po ako dati pero hindi po ako nakapunta sa mga orientation para po maging member. Pero gusto ko pa rin po maging member. Anong gagawin ko po? Maraming salamat.
  • Jerome P. Flores
    commented 2017-02-15 14:59:37 +0800
    Hi Dakila! I just Joined Dakila Org! i am from ZAMBOANGA CITY :) Is there any possible to build an event here in our City. Hoping that i will be in charge in EVENT I am Advertising & Marketing Advance to know more about my self. visit at and also visit for Collaboration