Anna Ongchuan

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    Good Day!

    I’m Anna Ongchuan, A 117 sophomore student from College of Liberal Arts (CLA) of the De La Salle University in Manila.

    As a part of CLA’s yearly activities, there is a celebration known as the Arts Festival or “ArtsFest” which is an annual tradition that celebrates what it means to be a part of the college of liberal arts. It is a week full of activities, advocacies and events planned for all liberal arts students.

    In line with this year’s theme “A holistically engaged liberal arts community” and vision of engaging CLA students with various advocacies together with highlighting the respective courses; allows the students t become more holistic and to move forwards together, One planned events for ArtsFest is the advocacy booths. This entails various organisations in and outside of DLSU to have booths displayed for students to see and engage in. This will be happening from March 11-16. As a part of the advocacies we’re looking into, we would like to invite your organisation to join and be one of the booths for that week.

    With your support on social transformation, we believe it is best for students to bemire engaged and involved in this.

    We humbly ask for your kind consideration and acceptance regarding the matter! If you do accept our invitation, we will send further details soon and feel free to send us more questions and inquiries

    Anna Ongchuan

    ArtsFest Project head

    contact number: 09989968070