A Decade of Birthing

Dakila 10th Anniversary Statement


In 2005, we started a revolution.

A group of artists led by Lourd de Veyra, Buhawi Meneses, Noel Cabangon, Ronnie Lazaro and Tado Jimenez bonded to utilize their “powers” to inspire their public towards social involvement. Using the superhero mythology as a way to capture public interest, they extoled the virtue of joy and humor to uplift the nation’s spirit and encouraged the people to believe in their own potentials and strength, that they can be the heroes of their time.

Since then, the road to being Dakila has been long and hard and the journey is far from over.

Ten years after, we have arrived at this moment that ushers a new phase in our story.

We have long waited for this moment - our own coming of age.

We herald this good news –

to more than 60 artists who have founded our organization in 2005;
to the thousand people from all walks of life - artists, cab drivers, students, families, young professionals, sea farers - who scrubbed, swept, and painted the Philippine Relief Map in Luneta in 2006;
to the thirty visual artists who donated their artworks to raise funds for our very first project;
to the Cubao crowd that rocks with us every year from at the Rock the Riles;
to the schools, youth groups, companies, media institutions and NGOs that partnered with us in various advocacy projects;
to the Brewsters who listened to Educational Mondays with the Brewrats;
to the musicians who willingly gave their time and talent to record “Kaya Mong Maging Dakila” and “No Time to Waste”;
to the climate action advocates of Tik Tok Pilipinas whose passion for the advocacy fueled the campaign for climate justice;
to the film community who have contributed in reaching the broadest audience possible through our Active Vista Human Rights Film Festival;
to the human rights advocates and organizations who bannered activism with us online and offline through our Digital Activism program;
to our partner celebrities, chefs, small businesses, and farmers who advocated sustainable agriculture through the Brown Rice campaign;
to the citizens who have made a mark with us in campaigning against EPALs;
to netizens who fought against the Cyber Martial Law;
to every kind soul who have contributed in our Ride, Rock, Relief operations and Bayanihan Republic;
to the thousands of cyclists who rode with us for a human trafficking free Philippines through the Freedom Rides;
to cultural workers, parents and educators who advocated children’s rights and positive discipline with us;
to concert goers who have rocked with us for the environment, for peace and for a Fully-Abled Nation;
to gender rights advocates who have marched with pride with us on digital platforms and on the streets;
to the thousands who have walked with us from Kilometer 0 Luneta to Ground Zero Tacloban to commemorate the anniversary of the landfall of Typhoon Haiyan;
to the Filipino audiences who have helped sparked the national conversation on heroism through Heneral Luna;
to the Filipino public who have mourned with us in Tado’s death and stood ground in asserting their right to road safety and reforms in the transportation system;
to the entire Dakila membership whose selfless contribution and commitment remains to be the heart of the this organization;
and to the Filipino public whose every day heroism continue to inspire our ideals and actions.

This year, 2015, we celebrate 10 years of Dakila. 

This year, we transition by accepting the challenge to change with the times.

Our organization was born out of the need to confront the evil of apathy engulfing the nation. Its first endeavor, Linisin Ang Pilipinas, a three day symbolical and literal clean up of the Philippine Relief Map in Luneta, became the rite of passage for the organization. From then on, we have consistently persevered to awaken the virtue of heroism in each one of us.

 As we celebrate a decade of Dakila, we reflect upon the 10 years with so much gratitude to you who have helped shaped our organization and look forward to the future with a renewed passion in building this movement of heroism towards social transformation with you.

We have survived a decade of birthing to spawn a new generation of #LahingDakila.

A new revolution is beginning.



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