[FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE] Dabawenyas Fight for Their Rights With Women’s Rights and Self Defense Seminar

Davao City Philippines, March 23, 2016 -- In an effort to bring more awareness to women’s rights and how women can fight for their rights, Dakila Davao and JCI Duwalng, in partnership with Bagani Martial Arts Center presents “FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS” a Women’s Rights & Self Defense Seminar on March 29, 2016 at the NCCC Mall of Davao Atrium, from 3pm-7pm in the evening. This event is in partnership with Bagani Martial Arts Center and NCCC Mall of Davao, supported by Davao Today and Perfect Napkins.


This seminar was organized to bring the issue of women’s rights and violence against women to a broader audience. Councilor Leah Librado Yap will be talking about women’s rights and the situation of women in Davao. Julia Jasmine Sta Romana from Dakila will be talking about women’s rights online and PSI Elisa Coralde Ramirez, Chief of WCPD will be talking about violence against women, VAWC, and what women can do when they have been victimized.

Later on, instructors from the Bagani Martial Arts Studio will show participants and audience members basic self defense moves they can use to protect themselves against attackers.

Ryan Cordero, one of the instructors of Bagani Martial Arts Center shares that their motivation behind supporting this seminar, “We would like share our knowledge and skills to help women to be safer & to help them prevent or handle an assault if need arises. We are hoping that after the event they will have a better understanding about violence against women & self defense.”

Violence against women is a serious international issue. According to the 2008 National Demographic and Health Survey (NDHS) "Women Safety Module" one in five women in the Philippines aged 15-49 has experienced physical violence since age 15. Around 14.4 percent of married women have experienced physical abuse from their husbands. And more than one-third (37%) of separated or widowed women have experienced physical violence, implying that domestic violence could be the reason for separation or annulment. One in twenty five women age 15-49 who have ever had sex ever experienced forced first sexual intercourse. While one in ten women age 15-49 ever experienced sexual violence.

One of the biggest contributors of this problem is the societal expectations of Filipina women to be meek, gentle and kind. Jessica Madrazo, the Managing Director for Dakila Davao, hopes that by integrating practical self defense and awareness of women’s rights, it can empower more women to fight for their rights and give them the tools they need to defend their rights.

“What we want to do here is make women feel powerful,” says Madrazo. “Women can achieve anything they set their mind to and they should be encouraged to do so. When they know they can defend themselves, they’ll feel more empowered to fight for women’s rights.”

Yasmin Badelles Fabricante, President of JCI Duwaling, echoes this sentiment, “Women empowerment and gender equality has always been part of JCI Duwaling's advocacy. We believe that when a woman is informed, she is empowered."

This event is free for all but to participants must register to join self defense class within the venue.

For more information about Fight For Your Rights, you can visit their event page HERE

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