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Have you heard of Batang Bilanggo Bill (BBB) also known as House Bill 002?

It's a bill proposed to lower the MACR (the lowest age by which a person can be charged in court and jailed). This means that children that offend the law will be considered as criminals.

But, we, at Dakila, believe that every child deserves a chance.

We are against the motion to lower the Minimum Age for Criminal Responsibility (MACR). Jailing Children in Conflict with the Law (CICL) is not the only form of retribution for offenses. As you are reading this, lawmakers are proposing an appalling measure that seeks to criminalize children as young as 9 years old. MACR will deprive Filipino children of their rights, their childhood, and their chance to build a future for themselves. Imagine your little brother, sister, cousin, nieces or nephews being convicted for an action s/he did not know was wrong.

Lawmakers are saying that they are proposing HB2 to lower the crime rate done by minors. But statistics show that less than 2% of total crimes are committed by youth younger than 18 years old.

Do you think that this is an effective way solve crime in our country? Do you believe that children younger than 15 years old should have proper rehabilitation programs that will allow them to develop better judgement on what is right and wrong?

If you do, we must act fast to give children a chance to achieve their full potential. Join us in making sure that child offenders get a chance to change for the better! What you do matters. Collective action matters even more!

It will only take 15 minutes for you and your friends to help retain the Minimum Age of Criminal Responsibility at 15 years old.

  Here are simple ways to Block Batang Bilanggo Bill (House Bill 002):



Watch and Discuss!

You can make a difference by simply watching and chatting! Watch the 7-minute preview of BUNSO by Ditsi Carolino and talk about it with your friends.

How to Share With Just Friends

How to share with just friends.

Posted by Facebook on Friday, December 5, 2014

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This is the perfect way to understand the implications of lowering the MACR. With a study guide provided here, discuss the preview together. When you all have a clearer picture of the issue, you can all be more involved in spreading awareness.

 Only got 2 minutes? Just sign and share!

SIGN the online petition of Child Rights Network and be sure to SHARE on your social media accounts that you signed. Use the hashtags #ChildrenNotCriminals #BlockBatangBilanggoBill #TulongHindiKulong Click this link: 

 Lights, camera, ACTIVE VISTA!

Do you want a larger audience to be involved in helping children stay out of jail? Ask us to host a screening of the full film of BUNSO by Ditsi Carolino in your school! A panel of experts and campaigners will be present to discuss and answer any of your questions about the film and the issue.

Isn't it great that by watching a film and talking to experts, you can already be part of the campaign to Block Batang Bilanggo Bill? Simply send an email to [email protected] and ask about how you can organize your very own film screening.

The pen is mightier than the sword

The most powerful action that you can take is to let those in power know that children are not criminals. Here are some actions to do just that:

MACRWrite.png1. WRITE

Write to a Congressman saying why the MACR should not be lowered. You may also write to the House Committee on Welfare to tell them that there are other ways to prevent crime committed by minors.

Directly communicating with the people responsible for the passing of BBB will be your best move. Find out who your representative is by going to the Philippine Congress' website Search for their social media accounts and email addresses so that you can reach them.

Here is an example of what you can write to a Representative:

Dear Representative ___________________,

As your constituent, I write to you now to consider voting against House Bill 002, a bill proposing to lower the minimum age of criminal responsibility. I believe that children are not criminals and they deserve a chance to redeem themselves through positive means. Mistakes, though sometimes grave, are meant to teach us lessons. These lessons can be learned in an environment more conducive to rehabilitation. Please do not allow children to be jailed. Children are not criminals. Please retain the age of minimum age of criminal responsibility at 15 years old and champion the better implementation of the Juvenile Justice Law of 2006.




You may add more details and arguments in your letter. If you don't find your representative's email address, you can make an open letter and tag your congressman's social media page, just like this post:


-Show your support for children by changing your profile picture to BUNSO.



 MACRLike.png3. LIKE!

Like and Follow Bunso’s social media accounts:
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MACRSpeak.png4. SPEAK

Speak up! Tweet or share your opinions on Social Media with the following hashtags: #KwentongBunso #ChildrenNotCriminals #BlockBatangBilanggoBill #TulongHindiKulong


-Storytelling time: ANO ANG KWENTONG BUNSO MO? Children have a way of touching lives.
They have the power to light up a room with their laughter and playfulness. They may be mischievous at times, but we all know that They grow out of it as long as proper processing and guidance are given. Talk about your favorite kid or your favorite bunso; a bunso who inspires you, a kid that changed you. Or maybe you are a bunso and you have a story to tell about yourself. Who would you hate to see to end up in jail?

When you share these stories, make sure that the child has given consent that you posted their photo. Share your story in different platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Don't forget to tag us @dakila_ph and @bunsophilippines and use the following hashtags: #KwentongBunso #AkoSiBunso #ChildrenNotCriminals.

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