Project Freedom in Iloilo

Not many people know that Western Visayas is one of the top regions in the Philippines where Human Trafficking happens. The neighboring provinces of Iloilo such as Antique and Aklan are source provinces. People get trafficked to big cities such as Iloilo for labor. The goal of Dakila Iloilo Collective's Project Freedom is spread awareness to this modern day slavery that has been going on in our region.

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Statement on the International Day for the Abolition of Slavery

Today marks the International Day for Abolition of Slavery. And until today, slavery happens in almost 21- 36 million people around the globe.

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Hundreds of cyclists and advocates to ride for freedom on June 12

All roads will lead to Iloilo Provincial Capitol Grounds on June 12, as hundreds of cyclists and advocates raise the flag of freedom on Independence Day to stop human trafficking and promote road sharing. 

The Independence Day Freedom Ride is a bike ride event organized by advocate group Dakila, in partnership with Centralian Cruisers Cycling Club (C4) which aims to raise awareness on human trafficking and to promote road sharing in Iloilo with the tour of the six district plazas.

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About Project Freedom

“Project Freedom: Stop. Look. Listen.” campaigns for the prevention of human trafficking in the Philippines by empowering advocates and citizens to become watchdogs in their communities, consolidating efforts of stakeholders, driving them into action through grassroots involvement, and amplifying collective action through the use of media. The Freedom Ride brings together thousands of advocates every year to campaign for a traffic free Philippines.