Project Freedom in Iloilo

Not many people know that Western Visayas is one of the top regions in the Philippines where Human Trafficking happens. The neighboring provinces of Iloilo such as Antique and Aklan are source provinces. People get trafficked to big cities such as Iloilo for labor. The goal of Dakila Iloilo Collective's Project Freedom is spread awareness to this modern day slavery that has been going on in our region.

Our method is simple, we present an easy to comprehend talk on human trafficking - it's definitions, the means by which it is done, the potential victims and traffickers, the reasons why human trafficking happens and the actions the youth can do to prevent this from happening. We have cooperated with Fullbright and Tipster Traffic, to gauge the amount of information the youth have before and after the talk. Measuring the information that we spread is important in order to assess our goal.

    _JuanInABox.jpg   Students of St. Paul University at SMASH

We envision a world where there is no abuse and exploitation. We work to promote those rights we have been bestowed by virtue of being born in a country where men die for freedom. We see every Filipino not as product but as human being who has equal rights to every other Fillipino. We want a Western Visayas that is not on top of the human trafficking hotspots, only then will we deem Project Freedom as a success.


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