Rights. Freedoms. Always. YOURS.



If this is a love story, admit it – we will be confined with the words always and yours. People nowadays are so confined with the idea of HUGOT - the idea that it feels good when someone else relates to your woes and sadness about love. But why is it so hard to relate to people regarding their human rights?

Today is International Human Rights Day. There is no loud “change your profile picture to this filter” hype on social media, there are no parties, there are no get together with friends to celebrate the rights you are born with.

These are rights that every citizen should have access to. These are rights that we are entitled to. If you relate this to love, then this should be something unconditional. After all, human rights should be interrelated, interdependent and indivisible.

But like a long-time lover you have been so used to, your human rights have been with you for so long; you think they are here to stay with you forever. Truth is, the same way some douche could steal the “one” from you, your human rights are something that could be stolen from you if you don’t fight for them.

What makes these rights alienating and not worthy of a celebration is the fact that as much as you are born with these rights, you are also used to people or systems trampling on it. Maybe this is why most people find it easy to compromise one right for another – because it makes us feel more safe, because we can go on living without one particular right, because everything is easier when we keep your mouth shut.

The same goes for love. And we know we are all suckers when it comes to love. Love makes us curse and want to kill yet for human rights we don’t even want to raise a finger. It comes too easy for us to hate people who have betrayed people we love yet we don’t do anything when it comes to our human rights. Why?

How many of our human rights should other people step on before we take a stand? When we know it only takes one person to hit on your partner before you lash out and try to keep your partner to yourself.

Fighting for our rights should be as easy as fighting for the love of our life – our source of happiness, the reason to get up each morning smiling and feeling blessed. We don’t just turn a cheek on someone who cheated on us, on people who stole our soul mates, even to people who have stolen the ideal partner of our best friend and yet we find it hard to sympathize with people whose human rights have been violated.

Rights. Freedoms. Always. But really, in this line the most important word is YOURS. Claim your rights, but know that the only way you can do this is to actually know them. Know that everybody have these rights and violations on these rights you share with others are violations towards yours as well.

Fight, but know what you are fighting for. Enjoy your rights, but also know which of these rights you are blatantly throwing away for false security or hope.

Because human rights like love, when not recognized and respected as YOURS, can easily be taken away from you. There is no forever. The struggle to keep, assert and claim your human rights is real. It is a commitment we pursue every day.

Written by Cha Roque

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